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Is there anything more attractive on a plate than a rack of lamb, cut into slices, golden cover on the outside and vividly rosé meat inside? If you want to ensure that the taste experience meets the visual impression, then choose from our superb assortment of lamb products.


Our lamb products originate from New Zealand, where sheep farming has a long term tradition, both the climate and soil conditions are perfect and there is a wide range of breeds that provide top quality meat. 


All animals are reared on lush, green pastures of free-range farms, grass-fed and raised with care by passionate New Zealand farmers.

Expand your choices with our top quality lamb products

What to choose?


Depending on the type of meal you want to prepare, you can select from the most popular French rack , as well as from many other cuts.


Impress your guests with the wide variety of meals that can be prepared from the soft textured and characteristic tasting lamb.

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