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Countries of origin


We are offering top quality beef cuts from many places in the world, where breeds perfect for good quality beef are raised and where both the climate and the feed is ideal for getting great tasting beef.


We were the first Hungarian supplier, who delivered unique and extraordinary beef products from United States, including IBP Beef (North Dakota ), Greater Omaha Beef ( Omaha ) and Creekstone Beef (Kansas ). We also support our customers with fabulous Beef from Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brasil.


We are providing the largest selection of chilled premium quality beef in Hungary. You cannot find such a deep range of beef products elsewhere, neither in terms of place of origin, nor by cuts of beef.


For us there is no such thing as beef in general. Depending on your target group and the type of meals you want to prepare, we are offering you the right product from our assortment, giving you the opportunity to satisfy your guests and customers with the taste experience provided by our beef.

Largest selection to satisfy your customers

Perfect cut for preparing a sensitional meal


Let your customers be enchanted by your expertise and provide them with an unforgettable taste experience from our wide range of Beef cuts.


For those who want to experience something rather than a  beef tenderloin steak, you may serve the fancy porterhouse steak, a New York steak or a juicy rib-eye steak to the authentic steak lovers. 

Top quality beef products of Wild2000 from the best places of origin
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